Our Legal Practice Areas

We have decades of experience across multiple sectors. We focus on professionalism and time conscious delivery of services to our many clients.

Real Estate Law

Our passion for the real estate sector is what makes a whole difference. We put a different touch to the growing housing needs... Read More

Intellectual Property

We value the hard work of brands, the efforts and the energy that are put in creating sustainable businesses... Read More

Corporate Governance, Compliance

Over the years, we have built credible history and experience in corporate governance & compliance. Read More

Banking & Finance Law

We have decades of experience and execution on banking policy and laws in Nigeria. We have represented key banks and institutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

High stakes mergers and acquisitions need appropriate legal proceedings. MU & Co. has amassed the expertise required for such transactions.

Arbitration Law

At MU & Co. we are experts at dispute resolution between all sorts of parties. Our arbitration practice is one of our foremost practices.

Telecommunications Laws

Our experienced telecommunications law group works hard to provide effective solutions to our cients needs in this industry.

Taxation Laws

We are specialists at local Nigeria tax laws and have taxation experts located in the US and across Europe for our clients with international assets.

Privatization & Disinvestment Laws

We work with the different tiers of government and private companies to properly legalize privatization activities.