Our passion for the real estate sector is what makes a whole difference. We put a different touch to the growing housing needs in Nigeria, Africa and the world. We act as a bridge across different continents, people and culture by helping clients reach the safest conclusions on their housing needs. Particularly the Nigerian real estate sector is a highly complex and challenging environment to navigate, and as such investors, property and project developers and financiers require legal advice to assist them in successfully achieving their commercial objectives, whilst ensuring that their rights and interests are adequately protected.

What Makes Us Different

• In-depth knowledge of the asset class as well as the real estate markets and deal structures
• Reliable for developers, owners, private and institutional investors, corporates, lenders and underwriters around the world to understand industry trends and their impact on business.
• We help clients to navigate the complexities of the markets in which they choose to operate.
• Clients trust us to manage the intricacies of their transactions and disputes, synthesising legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with counsel that translates into successful outcomes.

Our Services

We represent private and institutional investors, property owners, developers, and financiers in a broad spectrum of transactions such as:

• Drafting and negotiating real estate contracts and other conveyance documents.
• Facilitating real estate development plans.
• Perfecting title to real estate.
• Structuring the financing of complex real estate transactions, including mortgages.
• Representing companies in buying and selling of real estate.
• Ensuring regulatory and permit compliance with pertinent laws and authorising bodies.